Saturday, January 28, 2017

Travels: Taiwan

Happy Chinese New Year! After the new Gregorian year, I spent a little over two weeks in Taiwan to visit family and celebrate my grandmother's birthday. Too bad I wasn't able to stay for the new Chinese year. I thought I'd share a little slice of what I saw there:

Taiwan is a beautiful island to visit, and generally speaking, the night markets are where it's at. Street food at a low cost. Lots of tasty morsels. Whilst you can do your shopping there, I reckon there are other places in Asia that'd fare better when it comes to the full experience. Nevertheless, it's not bad at all and I enjoyed looking around for skincare and cosmetics.

When in Taiwan, look for Taiwanese sheet masks. My Beauty Diary is renowned internationally but I wanted to have a go at other local brands: Dr Morita, Dr Jou, L'herboflore and My Scheming were the ones I ended up with. You get better promotions with local brands too -- a lot of 2 for 1 deals.

As for other skincare, this is what I got for myself. I picked out Bio-essence upon recommendation from the shop assistant. Apparently, it's a Singaporean brand. Naruko is yet another Taiwanese brand. The Biore sunscreen was bought earlier on in the trip because I was running out of sunscreen.

However, I couldn't stop myself from getting a few Chateau Labiotte Lip Tint and Lipsticks. They're too cute. Buying them in store was a little cheaper than online Korean sellers because the Korean Won is stronger, but I'm sure they've got great promotions in South Korea in store.

I also picked up a Kiss Me Heroine mascara because I needed a replacement. I've only ever used western brands, so this is opening a whole new door for me. I prefer the formula of this mascara.

I brought back a lot of food items and some souvenirs: water-absorbent coasters, pineapple cake, etc. It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed my time there.

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