Friday, September 28, 2012

Celeb Style: Clemence Poesy

Just before I start, I want to apologise for the infrequent posts lately since it is already the second half of the semester for me and I've got a mountain of work to do and prepare for my finals soon.

Most of the English speaking world encountered Clemence Poesy through her role as Fleur Delacour in the Harry Potter movies (that's how I first heard of her) and if not, probably from Gossip Girl as Eva. In terms of fashion, she has a very relaxed and easygoing style much like all those Parisian women we idolise (generally speaking here). It's mostly classic pieces and I love how she can be feminine even when wearing androgynous clothing.

Here are some outfits that are more feminine:

... And more androgynous outfits:

If you love the feminine aspect of her style, I suggest:

  • A dressy blouse: sheer, ruffly, pleated and polka-dot - it's your choice but keep it classy.
  • Short skirt
  • A drop-waist dress
  • Boxy jackets
  • Black tights (for the winter)
  • Heels
Drop-waist suits her slender figure because she's not too curvy for it. Pairing the boxy chanel-esque jacket really does add class to her outfit and most of the colours she wears is quite neutral or muted. It also appears that her skirts are worn at the hip (so it has a similar drop-waist effect). 

For the more androgynous style,

  • Skinny jeans
  • Oversized dress shirt/ plain shirt
  • Boots (looks like pretty much at all times when she's wearing pants). Go for a chunky heel?
  • Tailored pants (for dressier occasions)
  • Blazer
  • Fedora or bowler hat
Her androgynous style is quite simple: add something boyish and something feminine together. For example, she dresses up with tailored pants and wears a more feminine blouse with it. She'll wear a blazer or oversized dress shirt and pair it with skinny jeans and boots (which have a feminine design. You're not looking for chunky combat boots). When she accessorises with a fedora or bowler hat, she'll either have her hair out or with a ponytail swept to the side. It's all about balance here.

Her makeup is quite natural, even for dressier occasions. Her hair is often let down, which adds to that effortless chic look. Otherwise it's swept into a ponytail or up in what I assume is a bun.

I honestly would wear what she wears (minus the drop-waist). If I'm not trying something wacky, I'm more classic than mainstream trendy (I am... at least 5 days a week because of uni). What about you?

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