Sunday, September 2, 2012

Tutorial: Ice Cream Scoop Ring

Sorry for a very delayed post. Things didn't go according to plan. Now that I've completed my exams (really didn't go that well...) and I'm feeling a bit down, I thought I'd take my time to type up a post.

I wasn't planning to write up a tutorial for this so I don't a picture for every step and had to go back and make another scoop to depict a few steps. Since it has been a while since I've written a tutorial, I thought "Why not?". So for all those sweet-tooths out there, I'm making an ice cream scoop ring. These rings work out for Fairy Kei and Sweet Lolita.

Ice Cream Scoop Ring

  • Air dry clay (It's possible for you to make this with polymer clay but I find air dry clay easier to use for this. I chose to use Hearty clay, a lightweight paper clay)
  • Acrylic paint
  • Measuring spoons or anything with a spherical shape (to be used as a mould)
  • Aluminium foil
  • Toothpick (any pointed and thin object will do. Toothpicks are ideal because they're disposable. I used a needle because I couldn't find any toothpicks)
  • Sealer/Varnish (I used Padico Matte Sealer because I wanted to keep the ice cream scoop matte)
  • Paintbrush (for sealer)
  • Ring blank
  • Glue (as in super glue or any kind of glue that can be used on metal)
  • Optional: Rhinestones, silicone whipped cream, deco cream sauce (basically anything to decorate your ice cream scoop with. You may choose to add sprinkles or sparkles.)
  • Optional: gloves (if you don't want your hands getting dirty)

Ice cream scoop:

1. Pull out the amount of air dry clay you want to use. You will need to split these up for the amount of colours you plan to use for your ice cream.

2. Add a little dab of acrylic paint to colour the clay. The less paint you use, the more pale the colour will appear. It's advised that you don't put a lot of paint because the clay could start falling apart if it is too moist. If you want dark colours, it's best to purchase some black air dry clay to mix in. 
Some acrylic paint. 

3. Squish the clay until the acrylic paint is mixed in thoroughly. Repeat this method of colouring for other colours you wish to add.

This is half mixed. Unless you want that effect, keep squishing it until it is even
4. Take a little bit of each colour that you have prepared and roll it into a ball.

5. Using the measuring spoon, press the spoon into the ball so you get a semi-spherical shape. It doesn't matter if you have a little clay sticking out from the spoon but if there is a lot, you may need to remove some of it. If there is not enough clay to fill the spoon, take out all the clay and add more clay before you repeat step 4.

Pressing measuring spoon into clay

6. Remove the clay from the spoon carefully without destroying the shape you've just moulded.
What it should look like if you've done this step 5 and 6 properly. 

7. Start poking the edges of the scoop with a toothpick to create a rough surface.

8. Using the long side of the toothpick, make a dent on the scoop. (This is optional if you want to create texture to your ice cream scoop)

See those dents/ lines?
9. Scrunch up a little bit of aluminium foil and start dabbing it on the ice cream scoop for texture. You can also use it on the side of the edges to make the edges not as noticeable.

I did this step before step 7 on this scoop. You don't have to do the texturing steps in order. Just keep repeating this steps until you've got your desired shape and texture.
10. Leave it to dry for about 24 hours or until it is hard.

11. After the scoop dries, seal the scoop with a sealer/varnish using a paintbrush.
Setting scoop to the ring

1. Invert the ice cream scoop so the back is facing up.

2. Put an adequate amount of glue on the ring blank.

3. Wait until dry.

Note: Hot glue guns can be used but it won't last as long.

Like so... 
  • You can choose to decorate the scoop any way you wish. You may glue on rhinestones, use deco whipping cream or cream sauce, add sprinkles, microbeads, etc.
  • I suggest that you decorate last because I had troubles with gluing the ring blank onto the scoop after putting whipped cream on the scoop.
With silicone whipped cream and rhinestones. 

Decorated with deco cream sauce (not edible!)

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