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Inspiration: You Who Came from the Stars/ My Love from Another Star

The world has witnessed the power of product placement, after many of the lipsticks worn by Cheon Song Yi (played by Jun Ji-hyun, also known as Gianna Jun) were sold out and has a wait list. This includes YSL Rouge pur Couture in #52 Rosy Coral, which had been sold out worldwide. It was later released that the lipstick shade in question was made from various products and none were from YSL. AmorePacific was one of their sponsors and provided most of the products used while YSL just got a free ride. Nevertheless, Rosy Coral was a popular shade prior to the drama release but it probably wouldn't have sold out if it weren't for the rumour circulating.

I've put some time aside for a drama marathon and watched all the episodes. I joined the masses of people, swept in the craze to purchase what she wore and even to eat her favourite food & drink: chicken and beer. I think it's mostly Jun Ji-hyun's charisma that sells these products. While I don't feel compelled to hunt down the exact products she used or to even consume chicken with beer, I'm noticing that I'm buying more lipsticks. Now that I'm more informed about its influence, I finally realised why there were an increasing number of places beginning to sell KFC - Korean Fried Chicken. Even the local frozen yoghurt place has started selling Dak Kung Jung (닭강정). It was a popular food before this drama but this definitely pushed sales to new limits.


It's not a surprise to me that no one raves on about the various fragrances scattered throughout the drama. No one's commercialised smell-o-vision yet. When other people see tubes of lipsticks, I spy on the boxes behind. They're all Annick Goutal fragrances and that's because AmorePacific owns Annick Goutal.

See that golden cap on her vanity in the gif? That's definitely Annick Goutal's packaging. I speculate that she had Petite Cherie but I'm not certain. Generally the Asian market prefers light fruity florals. Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet is targeted to the East Asian market, for example. Petite Cherie fits into this category.

My Limited Edition bottle of Petite Cherie (2012), which was my very first signature scent.
Her romantic interest, Do Min Joon (played by Kim Soo-Hyun), had a scene with fragrance too. Here's some eye candy but my eyes are drawn to the bottle of fragrance (also thinking that it's a bad place to put any sort of fragrance).

Packaging marketed to men. I don't know which fragrance is featured there. I like to think Eau d'Hadrien but it could be Eau de Monsieur. Something citrus.

It was perhaps the thing that sold the best. Cheon Song Yi had an extensive collection of lipsticks. They are more accessible than the various designer handbags and clothing in her wardrobe and I've got to say that I loved her bold bright lips. 

Those golden tubes behind really do look like YSL but it's most likely IOPE products since that's owned by AmorePacific too.
I think the highlights of Cheon Song Yi's wardrobe are the sunglasses and the coats. Those were the items that made her wardrobe edgier and look like a star. Her choice in accessories helped too. 

Along with coats that drape (along the lines of capes), she wears a lot of trenches. Most of her wardrobe is quite subdued and understated but the details in some of the garments and accessories help to glam it up, so she doesn't look so plain. Sometimes you can see that she's wearing a crisp collared shirt, or a plain white knit shirt, or a white turtleneck underneath her more elaborate coats.

She has a wide range of accessories. I love the statement earrings and the hats. The headbands she wears make her seem feminine and a little naive (that's intentional because you begin to see her innocence as the plot develops).

My favourite outfit of hers has to be this one.

Yoo Se Mi (played by Yoo In Na; the frenemy) is quite stylish in her own right but I find she wears more patterns and lace. She also has a lot of fur items and her overall style is feminine and 'sweeter' than Cheon Song Yi.


This is my favourite outfit of hers:

Overall, I enjoyed this drama very much, despite it being cheesy and cliche at times. I probably loved the fashion more than the plot itself. Some of the scenery shots were gorgeous and I loved the garden/island they were in when they had the red Japanese Camellias (my favourite flower).

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