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My Style: Fragrance Wardrobe

I have briefly discussed my love for fragrances here but for today, I'll share my collection so far. I think my perfume collection is quite modest but I do have more than the average girl. I have a mixture of niche and designer fragrances and one celebrity fragrance. The appeal of niche perfumery is mostly exclusivity - you're not going to smell like the next girl (well, there's less chance you will). If you are deep into the art of perfume, you'd appreciate the unique compositions and the quality that it offers but niche can be a hit-or-miss. They generally are more expensive but you get what you pay for.

The fragrances I own are lean towards autumnal. They don't work well for the hotter months, only because some of these scents can be overpowering in the summer.

My Fragrance Wardrobe
1. Dior J'adore: My very first fragrance. A heady sophisticated scent with jasmine and magnolia but there is a subtle sweetness from the melon. I wore this during high school. Sweet fruity florals were not my thing. These days, the heady aroma can induce headaches for me, so I rarely use it. Luckily it's a mini-size.

2. Jessica Simpson's Fancy Nights:  I generally don't care for celebrity scents but this one was unique. It's a love-hate perfume because some people find it too masculine and hate the patchouli but for patchouli and amber lovers, this is a love. This may be the only celebrity scent I'll ever own.

3. Annick Goutal Petite Cherie: I'm almost halfway through this bottle. It was my signature. This scent works every season except summer because I find the muskiness too overbearing in the summer. It's the scent of the ingenue. All feminine and clean...

4. Guerlain Shalimar: My newest addition. This is a classic and is like the "No. 5" of Guerlain in that this is their best selling perfume and is iconic. I say that because the people I know generally know what Chanel No 5 is but they've never heard of Shalimar. This is probably the perfume I'd wear for any sort of intimate setting.

5. Juliette Has a Gun - Lady Vengeance: It's got rose and patchouli. The composition isn't very original for something niche. It can be quite strong though and I think there's something appealing about it. It's not a dangerous assassin but a femme fatale seductress. I wear this when I feel the need to kick butt because I find this scent empowering for some reason.

6. Les Exclusifs de Chanel - Coromandel: The Chanel exclusives line are in selected counters and their boutiques. These offer quality on par with niche and differ from their normal range in exclusivity. This range is harder to access but it's also more expensive, not by much. Coromandel is probably the least like "Chanel" to me and I love it. The earthy patchouli is something I adore because many of the patchouli perfumes I have a refined patchouli. There's also the sweetness of frankincense and that hint of white chocolate.

I did make a video of my perfume collection before I got my hands on Shalimar. I was bored one weekend and decided it was a good idea to film it and I put way too much exposure on.

I adore the history and the legends behind some of Guerlain's classics. My mother hates Guerlain probably because of "Guerlinade" - that accord that is typical of all of their perfumes. I find it makes the perfume dressier and harder to wear, which is why I'd only reserve Guerlain for special occasions.
I took advantage of the sales a little while ago and decided to buy some perfume. Of course, the sale did not include Chanel or Dior (much to my disappointment, not that I expected a deal from them). Alas, when it came to picking out the perfume, I was caught between La Petite Robe Noire Couture and Shalimar.

The SA who served me insisted I get Shalimar and eventually decided for me. She was generous to give me a miniature with my purchase. Although it was not Couture  (she could not find it but she found the original EDP), I will treasure this little thing and never ever use it. It's just too adorable to open and use. She did give me a sample of Couture to test.

I think partly why I'm so drawn towards Couture is that it reminds me of the aspects of Miss Dior Le Parfum I adore. It's fresher so it is more appropriate for spring and it has an effervescent quality to it. Miss Dior Le Parfum has a lot of warmth from the amber, hence better reserved for cooler weather. Couture has a smoother composition than its original, in my opinion.

I realised I haven't really strayed much from the beginning of this blog. My fascination with perfume has only grown. I have yet to smell the perfume the inspired the name of this blog but my perfume-loving friend and I share a fantasy of owning a perfume line together.

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