Wednesday, January 12, 2011

White + Rose: inspiration?

The inspiration: Kaori Yuki's '0 no Soukoushi' or 'Parfum Extrait "0"'.

It's a manga about a perfumist with a very strong sense of smell and he solves crimes using his abilities and his knowledge of scents. (Go check it out!) Although the art isn't that pretty and is quite simplistic, it's still pretty good. I just love Kaori Yuki's work.

In one of the authors notes, she writes of a certain perfume called 'White Rose Natural' by Shiseido, which apparently is very rare and expensive. (I wonder what it smells like... it better be worth the money)

From that perfume's name, I got the name of the blog White + Rose. (Yes, the '+' sign is necessary)

Would I ever consider becoming a perfumist myself? Eh... maybe. He sure makes it sound really cool to be working with chemicals and sniffing stuff all day. Do I have what it takes? Probably not since I don't have a sharp nose.

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