Monday, January 24, 2011

Formal: Luly Yang's Butterfly Dress

Here in Australia, we call our proms 'school formals' or just simply 'formals'. I suppose it is the same for the UK. So my year 12 formal is less than a year away and I've been thinking about what I could possibly wear. Most people wouldn't think about the formal this early but I plan to make my own dress.

This isn't the first time I have heard of Luly Yang's trademark Papillon Dress (or gown...) or Butterfly Dress. I don't know exactly what it's called. 

I know it is a little too extravagant to be a formal dress. If I see someone in this dress at my formal, I'd gawk at her dress for hours. Not to mention that this dress is US$25000 (according to a few sources). I would love to wear this at a wedding - if I was the bride and I wanted to stray away from the traditional white or ivory dress. 

This dress can be used as inspiration for a formal dress. It's timeless, elegant, feminine and unique. I'm assuming it is a corset bodice and the butterfly wings are hand-painted on black silk. There is a bright orange-red petticoat underneath and the butterfly wings are individually sewn onto the dress to create that petal-like skirt. Also, the white spots probably have Swarovski crystals sewed onto them. 

The downside about this gown is that it'll probably only suit a slender frame and I'm not exactly a skinny person. However, I really do like the bold pattern. 

So for those who are looking for a prom/formal dress, why not go for something bold that makes a statement?

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