Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Inspiration: Maria Kurenai (Vampire Knight)

Recently, I've regained my love for Vampire Knight.
I pretty much stopped reading it after the main character, Yuuki, turns into a vampire. It would have been around the time when Twilight was gaining popularity and the shelves of the bookstores were stacked with vampire books. Not to mention that the vampire mania reached television. It was just too much.

My favourite character had to be Maria Kurenai. Her style would be summed up in three words: cute, girly and quirky.

She tends to be in black/grey/white in the anime. She often wears frilly clothes. For the ball, she wears a black dress with a black choker decorated with pearls and pearls around her little side-bun.

Also, she's wearing these before she attends the academy.

Those stockings are rather 'Emilie Autumn'-esque and the blouse reminds me of the blouse which Blair Waldorf wore on the first episode of Gossip Girl - the pilot because of the frills on the collar. Basically all the clothing she wears is based on gothic lolita clothes - girly and doll-like yet dark.

For something a little less flamboyant and frilly, I would opt for something lacy - definitely one of the trends of 2011. Pearls are also one of the trends of 2011 in terms of accessories.

There's also a trend for stripes as well but it's leaning towards nautical stripes. If you want something a little daring, you could wear those striped stockings. It'll definitely grab attention but they're a little childish.

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