Sunday, January 23, 2011

Picture Overload: Summer Knitting

My favourite seasons to dress up are autumn and winter. It's the time of year for layering and adorable knits, elegant coats and boots.

So, it's summer in Sydney... and the rest of Australia and I've got all the time in the world to knit (almost). Now some people think it is strange to knit in summer (namely my friends) but I say that knitting sooner will keep you warm. I don't tend to knit during the winter because it is the time I want to be warm and not knitting with frozen fingers.

Here are just some of the things I have knitted.

Above: This is a cable and bobble hat I have recreated for my friend, Flora. I've also knitted the same hat for another friend for Christmas. I double-knitted this so it's perfect for really cold winters. 
Pattern available here  (The hat I made has some alterations)

This is the mint herringbone cable bangle I had made. The yarn is 100% merino, so it's not itchy. I know that this isn't much of a winter knit but more for the purpose of jewellery.
Pattern available here 

 Please ignore my facial expression. I swear I wasn't angry! It was the sun!
A pink lace and cable I had knitted for myself using cashmere/merino blend yarn. It's really light and perfect for autumn and Australian winters. 
Pattern available here 

The summer holidays are nearing its end unfortunately but at least when winter kicks in, I'll be warm and so will some of my friends. Please excuse the hideous garment I was wearing (ie. my nightgown) and lack of make-up (even though I don't wear makeup out either).

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