Saturday, November 19, 2016

Accessory: Mejuri Evil Eye Ring

I've never mentioned once in my blog thus far that I'm a stress shopper, and I can be a little disinhibited at times. I never thought I'd buy a gold ring on impulse.

The Mejuri Evil Eye ring wasn't something that appealed to me upon first glance. I've seen it on the likes of Amelia Liana and Estee Lalonde on YouTube but it was never a "must have" item. I've always preferred one-of-a-kind vintage pieces. Yet, during these crazy few months, I saw the appeal. It was chic and the design is simplistic enough to go with many outfits.

I justified it as an early birthday gift to myself and a reward for completing the academic year. It was still a lot of money to spend on myself -- for just a ring. I guess it's mostly because I don't believe I deserve it. However, I chose to keep it because I don't like backing out of my decisions. I was certain I made the right choice of design for myself when I saw a fellow student wear a dainty silver evil eye necklace with blue enamel and I was enamoured with it. I couldn't stop looking.

Shipping was speedy and prompt but I was out of town, and it would be another 2 weeks until I was able to check if the order was indeed correct. When I first tried it on, I was disappointed. I wasn't quite used to sliding a chain through my finger, and that made me question whether I had purchased the correct size. It takes a little bit more time to pull it through but it fits perfectly.

The box came beautifully packaged and it made my night, having returned to Sydney on the last flight of the evening. The only thing of concern is whether the chain would break or not. I hope it's been soldered strong enough to prevent that. I would consider Mejuri again but I'm not sure I'd be buying fine jewellery any time soon.

Note: I purchased this ring with the introductory discount when you first sign up for their mailing list (10% -- if I remember correctly).  

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