Saturday, November 26, 2016

Random: Travels

I thought I'd do a bit of an update about what I had been up to.

In the first weekend of September, I made a trip to Melbourne for a weekend with my sister and my friend. Whilst my sister attended the Madman Fest, I went around the CBD with my friend and explored the laneways, arcades and the Queen Victoria market.

It takes more than a weekend to fully explore what Melbourne has to offer but I was quite content with what I was able to do during that weekend. This was more of a luxury trip, in which we indulged on food and stayed at a hotel.

My friend and I stopped by Hardware Societe for breakfast, which came highly recommended by one of my nursing school friends, and we had the fairy floss hot chocolate at the Hash Specialty. I window-shopped most of the time and caved into a purchase of a box of macarons from La Belle Miette to bring back home. My family dug into them before I had the chance to take photos.

Late October to mid-November, I had a placement in Tweed Heads after I finished up my semester. I stayed in Queensland and spent my weekends exploring the Gold Coast and Byron Bay. In my free time, I'd head out to the beach at Coolangatta or just go up the RT Peak Memorial Park to just watch the waters from above, which has a view of Kirra Beach too. I met a few backpackers during my stay.

I didn't do much shopping around in the Gold Coast but I did buy a shirt from H&M and some travel-sized items from Bath & Body Works at Pacific Fair. I stopped by Social Eating House because it was listed on Google maps. It was nice -- but I'm not much of a foodie and I ate alone, which only made me feel sad. I recommended this place to a friend who appreciates the dining experience but I can't see myself going back unless I were with friends. 

As for the walk to the hospital on the weekdays, I walked passed the Tweed River. 

During my first day there, I came across this bush turkey. I followed that turkey for this photo:

I particularly enjoyed Byron Bay's bohemian vibe. I took a trek to the lighthouse on a hot day but I had gorgeous views along the way.

I was lucky that during that weekend, they held the monthly market. I didn't know about it until I arrived. I wanted to buy all the crystals I saw there. I picked one, and bought a candle and a tin of tea.

This trip was very important to me in so many ways. It served as a reminder not to lose the bigger picture. It showed me how screwed up the world is but that's okay. I shouldn't lose sight of my passion and I should go for it because not everyone is lucky enough to know what they want to do. Most of all, I got a break from Sydney because it was wearing me down. The first Monday back, I forgot how busy the commute was and it was a little bit of a shock, but I missed having frequent public transport. 

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