Saturday, April 30, 2011

Picture Overload: Autumn Knitting

I'd like to mention a few things first. Firstly, there aren't a lot of pictures. Secondly, it's the end of the holidays, so I won't be posting much anymore. I'm lucky if I can post once every week.

I believe I have mentioned before in a previous post but I have a strange habit of knitting in the summer and for the rest of the year, I hardly do any knitting. So this post won't have a lot of finished projects. In fact, I've only have one.

So the yarn that I had used was handspun by Shadyside Farm Studio: here.
It was the yarn called Bunny Hug, which is 40% angora rabbit and 60% lambswool. Enchanted by the of angora rabbit but knowing that angora fibres weren't very elastic, I chose a blend (I didn't make the purchase myself, because I can't). It isn't as fuzzy as pure angora but it still has that bit of fuzziness.

I had turned the skeins of yarn into balls. It's not exactly very neatly done but it made it easier to knit with.

I realised that I was fooled when I began knitting with it. Angora sheds like CRAZY and while I was knitting, I had rabbit hairs sticking to my clothes and flying into my mouth and up my nose. It wasn't exactly... pleasant. That aside, it was a beautifully made yarn and very soft but I won't be knitting with angora again. 

If you're knitting with angora, NEVER wear black. I was wearing black stockings while knitting with it and it just clings onto it and white really does stand out of black.

As for these mittens, I kept them natural white because it is much classier than if I were to dye the yarn. Let's just say colours show up bright when dying it with white yarn. The pattern is also very plain as I wanted to capture that halo and I didn't want any decorations to distract it. However, that picture really doesn't do justice in capturing that fuzzy halo. 


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