Sunday, April 24, 2011

Trend: Feather Hair Extensions

Hello there!

You can debate whether feather hair extensions should or should not be in this blog. It's a hair trend but I regard it as an accessory and fashion isn't restricted to clothing and jewellery. I've actually mentioned these in one of my past posts but it seems now it's popping up everyone's hair, from youtube to celebrities like Jennifer Love Hewitt and Hilary Duff. 

I'm a little late when reporting on trends and I've stated before that I report trends in Australia but I suppose this applies to people in the Northern hemisphere, having spring melt their winter. It's probably just me but I have a feeling that these will probably pop up in some heads when spring comes for us. 

I wouldn't say there is a large demand for feather hair extensions but it is increasing. If it's really popular in the US, I'd say it definitely would pop up here as soon as winter ends. If you're daring enough, it can look really hip and trendy... a bit boho chic. 

So if you want to pull off this trend, I can give you a few tips, based on my judgment and opinion:
  • If you're a blonde, opt for coloured feathers and be a little playful. I wouldn't wear yellow, any neutral colours like browns, black and white. 
  • If you're a redhead, choose neutral colours and perhaps colours like green, blue and yellow. 
  • If you're a brunette, any colours will work and black and white feathers. Browns are okay but it pretty much defeats the purpose of these extensions: they're supposed to be fun and a little daring. 
  • If you have black hair, definitely choose coloured feathers. White and browns if you're a little demure but don't get black feathers (as I've stated before, it defeats the purpose)
Basically, you just have to look for colours that suit your skin colour and your hair colour, for example, if green makes you look grey -- don't get it! (It's just like choosing the colours you wear) You want it to stand out rather than blend in. You might have to consider what sort of colours are in your wardrobe before choosing the colours. 

As for putting these extensions on, I believe you can get it done at a hair salon but you can also do it at home. You can see how it is done in youtube tutorials, or tutorials in other blogs: just GOOGLE it. I haven't gotten these extensions myself so I cannot explain how it is placed onto hair.  

If you plan to put these extensions at home, you can purchase the feathers from Etsy. 

Would I ever get these extensions? I might. I think they're pretty cute but it really isn't my style. Then again... I actually considered getting a coontail a few years ago, which I never did in the end.


    Our Feather hair extensions, are the latest way to create visually stunning effects,colours, and patterns by using natures high lights.
    Each feather hair extension, is made from a collection of between 5-7 feathers , ranging from 7" 14" in length.
    Hair can be washed whilst wearing your Feather-your-heads feather extensions also: brushed, blow-dried, straightened and even curled (on low heat). They will last anywhere from one to four months, depending on how you care for them.
    You will receive 5 micro loop beads with your Feather-your-heads hair extension ,you will also need a threader and pliers, which are available in our Feather-your-head tool kit. 40 colour options fitting sheet included.

  2. I've purchased several online and the best i've come across that doesn't make you buy wholesale is :) Hope this helps!! Happy feather hunting lol

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