Tuesday, April 12, 2011

'Round the World #4: Steampunk

Today’s all about Steampunk. I suppose it’s a little tribute to my friends. It’s also the first entry of ‘Round the World that has nothing to do with Japanese fashion! 

Steampunk – it’s based on Victorian fashion, a little fantastical and has a little dust of nostalgia but at the same time, futuristic. I don’t know when Steampunk had started but lately, it’s become a little more mainstream so I’m sure everyone has seen something of the sort, if not heard of it. When it comes to fashion - it’s all about the elegance of the Victorian era, mashed with brass machinery and clockwork and aviator goggle, at least that is how I see it, but it's a little more than that. It's a little daring, just like all alternative fashion.

 I first heard of Steampunk probably around two or three years ago so I’m not exactly new to the style but I don’t know much about the culture itself.

The clothes are very much like your Victorian goth but a bit more brown and brassy. If you really don’t know what steampunk looks like, just have a look at Panic! At the Disco’s video for “Ballad of Mona Lisa”. 

I’m sure you’ll agree that it has that little bit of nostalgia. It’s a little strange that someone has a net gun but steampunk is all about the strange machinery and weapons.

It wasn’t so much the clothing that steampunk had grasped my attention. I was quite interested in Goth back then and the clothes were not much different. When I first came across steampunk, it was the jewellery that had caught my eye. I loved the clockwork and the little specks of ruby. Because of that, I started taking apart old watches just to see the clockwork. 

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