Saturday, June 21, 2014

Celeb Style: Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea, dubbed "Queen of this Summer" by Buzzfeed, is probably best known for her Fancy video. I thought it was perfectly executed - the throwback to Clueless (1995). Most of the cast in the video looked like their movie counterparts, though it triggered an unwanted reminder for my younger sister of her comparative study on Jane Austen's Emma and Clueless. When I showed her the video, she immediately yelled out "EMMA!" until she realised her mistake. She didn't care for the song though.

The song itself is quite catchy. I was not aware that she was Australian until I watched an interview and noticed her accent (yes, people have argued it isn't 'Australian' enough but it's noticeably Australian to me, even with its quirks). I loved her style though. She has a great body and isn't afraid of treading on the fine-lines of body-hugging since it can emphasise her small waist. However, there's a few blunders can occur for a pear-shaped body like hers.

Here's the breakdown of her style. Iggy has a penchant for red lips, in particular, orange-based reds.

She's also in bold patterns and luxe accessories which work for her hip-hop image. Other than those, her majestic mane (in a ponytail) and cat-eye makeup are also signatures of her current style. 

I think the highlights of her style in regards to clothing are:

1. Body-hugging skirts and dresses
 She's got a great body that works with this style of clothing if the garments are selected well. Definitely something for the more confident.

2. Matching top-and-bottom
Again, matchy-matchy is no longer a faux pas. I love the middle outfit the most though because it's a more modest rendition of this trend. A lot of the matching tops and bottoms tend to be cropped and definitely for the young. It's nice to see a maturer twist to it.

3. Pantsuit

I really like the pantsuits on her but these are more casual renditions of them. The colours and the choice in pants definitely make them more casual, as well as the tops worn underneath.

Like I've said, there are a few misses:
The first outfit is just a mess to me. I think there is a lot of midriff, the skirt is too small for her because the checkerboard pattern is being stretched and isn't one of those stretchy knit materials and as for the shoes, I can't even.

As for the second outfit, all's good until you reach the bottom half. Those high-waisted shorts could at least end a little lower but I think the main think I have a problem with is those knee-length socks. A lot of problems arise when you've got more prominent calves. It just doesn't flatter. 

I definitely think her makeup and hair is going to be the largest influence on people because her clothing choices are only for the bold and confident, whereas her makeup seems to be quite on trend with the cat-eye and bold lips. 

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