Saturday, June 28, 2014

Celeb Style: Lana Del Rey

If Iggy Azalea is the Queen of Summer 2014, Lana Del Rey was the Queen before her. She's known for her 50s/60s Americana influence in her songs crossed between a bit of hip-hop and I guess you could say "sadcore". She's described as "gangsta Nancy Sinatra" and "Lolita lost in the hood", which I think are perfect descriptions of her image as an artist. When I first heard of her songs, I kept thinking of Nancy Sinatra's sombre 'Bang Bang'.

Now this one's been in my draft folder for a long time because Lana Del Rey's style is hard to define. She's got a whole image on stage but when she's off-stage, she's quite laid-back. I did the best I could to find certain aspects I think are worthy of mentioning.

1. Vintage influence
Del Rey's entire image as a musician is based on vintage appeal but with a modern twist. Naturally her clothes will be influenced by the 60s and 70s. On one end of the spectrum, she's glammed up 60s girl with influences from Jackie O to mod girl. On the other she's the carefree 70s hippie who would probably have been at Woodstock.

2. Headdresses
I think Lana Del Rey were one of the few that pushed forward the trends of headdresses such as garlands and braids. She donned a flower garland in her music video for "Born to Die", which I believe was her breakthrough single. That was the first song of hers I listened to.

3. White dress
Lana wears a lot of dresses but I think her white dresses have the most influence on people who draw inspiration from her. She wears many styles of dresses but I think the best ones are the ones with sleeves. She's exudes elegance when she's in those dresses, whether it be on the street or on stage.

4. Printed tees
Whether it is in the form of a cropped top or a t-shirt, it's a nice way to dress up if you feel like your outfit is a bit plain. 

5. Minimalist Casual
Not really sure what to call it. I particularly like her minimalist style when she pairs blue jeans with a white top and puts a navy blazer/cardigan and wears ballet flats with it. I didn't even realise that in the middle and right outfits, she's holding a white handbag until I was typing this.

I personally love Lana Del Rey's style and I like to think Ariana Grande as her "younger sister" in terms of their styles. It's not an accurate comparison though.

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