Saturday, June 14, 2014

Trend: Ankle Boots

Ankle boots have been trendy for a while now for the past few years. There was a brief surge with thigh high boots around 2009-2010 but nothing is as understated as the ankle boot. Thigh high boots and calf-length boots, knee high and over the knee still hang around but it's clearly the ankle boot's era.

Of course, there are different variations to the ankle boot from the most elaborate of designs with straps, buckles and zippers to the very plain slip-ons. Here are just a few I believe are worthy of mentioning.

1. Chelsea boots
They have been redesigned with higher heels and a more feminine shape because let's face it: the original Chelsea boot is a work boot that's not very flattering with skirts and dresses.

Cavalaro Chelsea Boots by SPURR (available at The Iconic)

2. "Outside zipper"
For lack of a better name, it's called the outside zipper because these zippers are placed on the outer sides of feet and not the inner, where it usually is.

Midas shoes in Roby

3. Open-toe bootie
These are not my favourite. I just think they're a little impractical. When I want a boot, I want them closed. If I wanted open-toe, I'd just get sandals. There must be some kind of demand for it though, if they're going to sell this design.

Steve Madden in 'Nonstop'. 
4. Lace-up ankle boots
Fairly vague in that they can be quite masculine (like your Doc Martens) to more feminine (with the heels). I've always liked the lace-up ankle boots, especially those that zip up so you don't actually have to lace them up. My first pair of lace-up calf-length boots happened to be my favourite and I wore them until the soles were coming off. 

Dr Martens Classic 1460 8 Eye

Therapy Shoes in Willow (dark taupe)

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