Saturday, January 31, 2015

Event: Friend's 21st

Last week, I attended my friend's 21st. It was a large group of mostly her family members and only a few of us friends turned up. We were allowed to borrow and wear saris, which I thought was a treat. Her mother opened up her vast wardrobe of saris to allow us to find one to wear for the day. Cloth of many hues, little details like metallic sequins or beading -- it was all wonderful to look at. We all got to appreciate the beauty of the sari.

I think the experience opened me up to more things than I expected. It brought up how unsatisfied I am, being so disconnected with my own culture. In the recent years, I've gained some interest in Chinese culture and with the help of the worldwide web and Youtube (in particular), I am able to get in touch with it. The only thing I am most dissatisfied with is that I cannot speak my language very well or read. It will be something I have to work on.

It also made me realise how much fun it is to wear statement jewellery. I definitely don't have earrings like the birthday girl but I shouldn't fear bold pieces of jewellery.

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