Saturday, January 10, 2015

My Style: Nail Polish Collection

These are my nail polishes. It is a modest collection that I've accumulated over the years. I've had other nail polish shades I have since thrown out when they had dried up or simply was a fuss to apply. These just happen to be ones I've kept.

It was only when I photographed all my nail polishes together that I realised that I had an affinity to certain colours: vampy plums and reds, the subtle neutrals and mauve and polishes leaning towards green or blue. The nail polish I've had for my wish-list for a while is OPI's Russian Navy, which falls into the colour scheme that I've unconsciously set for myself.

The oldest nail polish is the Maybelline Colorama in Vampire Seduction, which I actually haven't used in years. I've kept it as reference, I suppose because this was the first nail polish I wore that made me feel empowered. Prior to that, I wore clear nail polish because I was in primary school and it was against uniform. Chanel Rouge Noir was my most used nail polish during my later teens because it made me feel like a million dollars and even more empowered than the Maybelline.

The nail polish I received the most compliments on is the Butter London British Racing Green. It also happens to be the one my sister likes to pilfer. I don't mind because I have more than enough nail polishes to last me years and years of use, if they didn't have a shelf life or dry up.

It's no surprise that the vampy colours or dark colours empower me but when I don't feel like anything in particular, I stray into the neutrals. My favourite of the neutrals is Essie Mademoiselle because it's no-fuss and has been by go-to for a while but the ones that makes me feel prettiest are Essie Ladylike and Essence Dare It Nude.

I don't think I follow any particular trends on nail polishes, aside from when dark nail polish is trendy.

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