Saturday, January 24, 2015

Trend: Semi-Precious Jewellery

Semi-precious stones are making it big and have been for a while. They can be made to look more expensive than they really are. Jewellery made from semi-precious stones can be found in certain fashion jewellery chains such as Lovisa but I personally prefer to hunt them on etsy or storenvy.

Some people believe that crystals have metaphysical properties that can heal the physical ailments and the soul. With jewellery made of semi-precious stones, you can have the aesthetic appeal as well as the healing properties!

I also have a small collection of tumbled stones. Since I can remember, I've always been fascinated with stones and though I question their ability to heal, I often use them as good luck charms. The thing that I love most of all is the little imperfections, the crystal formations and the layers of the stone. They give character to the stone and make them one of a kind. I find it calming to have a stone with me in an exam so I would never be without my blue lace agate bracelet.

I have been eyeing some necklaces from HempStones. My best friend showed me one of their pieces after I told her that my most worn piece of jewellery was the hemp cord bracelet with semi-precious stones I purchased a few years back. All products made by HempStones are semiprecious stones wrapped with hemp cord, a strong and durable plant fibre. HempStones is also Australian, so that's a bonus for my fellow Australians, because you're supporting an Australian designer.

HempStones: Amethyst Necklace with natural hemp
I have also been spying on the bracelets made by Holistic Habits on etsy. I have bought some stones once. Sarah has a good eye for detail in finding special, one of a kind stones. She also has a youtube channel focusing on a holistic lifestyle, natural skincare and makeup, and vegetarian recipes. I think her bracelets are beautiful and you can get yours custom-ordered if the listings aren't up.

Holistic Habits: Sodalite & Angelite Gemstone Meditation Bracelet
Do you have a favourite stone? How would you like to wear your semi-precious stones?

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