Saturday, July 19, 2014

Project: Gatsby Girl Turban

Debbie Bliss released this pattern a while ago and I thought I'd pick it up. It can be found here. Although it is called a turban, it's definitely not one - it's a bandeau. It's a fairly simple pattern to knit and you can easily decorate it with a brooch or a decorative button.

Bandeaus aren't my kind of accessory but I thought this was a beautiful pattern - simple and easy.
Yarn and needles
 Fibra Natura Inca in Ecru (43034) - 100% wool
This pattern is suitable for a beginner. The knitting is very basic, consisting only of the moss stitch and stockinette. It's a nice alternative for beginners - if you don't want to knit a scarf, you could have a go at this.

Knitting in progress - moss stitch
My yarn isn't the correct weight for this project but I thought I'd increase the size of the needles and weight of the yarn and reduce the number of stitches. So instead of the 4.5mm needles suggested in this pattern, I used a 6mm needle (largest needle size I had in my collection at the time) and a bulky weight yarn.

This pattern could be finished in less than a day but I took my time. There are two pieces to this pattern and you sew it up. I didn't even finish the skein for this project, so it's good if you want to use up leftover yarn from another project.

The finished product looks like a giant bow when laid flat. It looks rather plain but nothing a rhinestone brooch can't fix.

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