Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Thoughts: New Batgirl Costume

For fellow comic readers, the news is already out. For readers who might be interested in reading comics: there's going to be a new look for Batgirl - the reboot of Barbara Gordon's Batgirl. With the new costume, it's not a complete reboot and it'll kick off in issue #35. I think it's generally positive reception for the costume design. It's not overly sexualised and it actually looks like something I would wear, and perhaps a lot of girls would too (if we're crime-fighting heroines).

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There's some fan art out there of the new Batgirl costume. I love Artgerm's work on the magazine cover. Mostly because Babs doesn't look like she's a teenager here. I'm still trying to get my head around going "back" in time. It's also very detailed that I almost thought it was a photograph:
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I've only recently plunged into the world of comics but I've got mixed feelings about this change, like some of the current Batgirl readers. While I love the outfit, it almost feels like it should go to a new Batgirl character because it has that "handmade" feel: find a leather jacket, iron on a golden bat over the chest, hunt down some golden gloves, gold Docs... sew your own cape... get the gist? Nevertheless, I'm excited to read Batgirl with the brand new look.

Barbara Gordon was the original Batgirl and I had completely latched onto her character as Oracle while I was reading the Birds of Prey (before the New 52). Partly why I started reading comics was to find out what all the fuss was about with Stephanie Brown as Batgirl... and Barbara as Oracle advised her during missions. It was weird for her to revert back to Batgirl because Oracle was already a well-liked character. She was more developed and complex as Oracle than Batgirl. 

Gail Simone, the current writer, will be missed when Batgirl is passed onto Brenden Fletcher (I have not had the chance to read any of his works). I adore her work on Birds of Prey but I haven't read enough New 52 Batgirl to make an opinion.

Speaking of the current costume, I actually like the black and gold. My favourite has to be Stephanie Brown's. I like purple... but I can't imagine purple being on Barbara. 

Of course, if I had to pick whether I want to keep the current costume or go for the new one, I'd say the current one. It's gorgeous and I'm not sure if I like the new tricoloured combination on her. One thing I can say is that the new costume would never work on flaming bright red hair, so that's probably why they toned down the red hair in the sketch.

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