Saturday, July 26, 2014

Project: Hot Water Bottle Cover

I love Ruth Cross' designs. The use of lambswool in muted colours and stag/ox horn buttons give the pieces a lovely rustic effect. There are individual patterns sold on the web shop, along with ready-made and made-to-order garments and accessories. I decided upon the hot water bottle cover. The only patterns available as of currently are for home. If you'd like to knit one for yourself, you can purchase the pattern at

I planned to make this during my mid-year break, so I had something to look forward to after my exams. It has been a while since I've knitted anything - my last project was the chunky scarf. I picked up the same yarn used in their sample (Rowan Big Wool in Concrete 061) because I love the colour. I find it distinctive in that I see a hint of beige within the grey. Actually, I just went along with the whole colour way and chose a similar coloured ribbon too.

This was not the easiest pattern to knit with - especially with all those cables. I wouldn't recommend this for an absolute beginner but if you're familiar with cabling, you're fine. I decided to knit while I was having a Breaking Bad marathon, so it took longer than expected. It's a quick project and a novice will have no trouble going through the pattern.

Yarn, needles and hot water bottle - all the materials you'll need minus the cable needle.
Knitting in progress
The seaming was perhaps the most difficult part for me since I'm not very neat at it. Nevertheless, I'm happy with my product in the end. It doesn't cover my hot water bottle but that's something steaming could fix - that or get a smaller hot water bottle. 

Cover sans hot water bottle.

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