Saturday, July 5, 2014

Trend: Backpacks

Backpacks have been trendy for a while. I don't think it's so classy for a woman to be wearing a backpack but it's good for casual settings where you're out and about and have to carry a lot of stuff. My sister (being more of a tomboy) has been hunting for a trendy backpack so I thought I'd make a list of the trendiest backpacks here. She wanted a backpack that was nice to carry around during a day out but large enough to carry her books and other things for uni.

1. Herschel Bags 
This is perhaps the most popular backpack around for university students, namely the Heritage style but I've seen a few Pop Quiz and Settlement bags being carried around. Herschel is a Canadian brand and is readily available for consumers in Sydney as they're being stocked in General Pants and Glue stores.
Pop Quiz


My sister prefers the Little America design and I think it suits her more. Now if only I could find a green one like this... (her favourite colour's green... but not army green or khaki, this kind of green with more blue in it)

Little America

2. JanSport
These backpacks I haven't seen so much on university students in an urban environment (I still see them though) but I've definitely seen a lot of American high school students with them and maybe one or two high school students when I was at high school. These are fairly accessible too in In Sport stores.

3. Caribee
These bags are probably not very trendy but these were very popular during high school (a lot of people used them but it wasn't the IT item). It does the job for a couple of books and they don't cost as much either. As for my sister, this probably isn't it. Though I've got to mention, some high schools here only allow their students to carry the "school bag" - one with the emblem that they sell to students.

4. North Face
North Face is widely popular in the States for their jackets in colder climates (hey, it can get pretty cold if you're in Massachusetts). To be honest, I've only heard of North Face being sold for camping and outdoorsy things before I learned that. It's generally not that popular for us university students here in Sydney but I'll just mention their backpacks. I've got no idea how popular they are but since they're a reliable brand, I guess a lot of students would go for them. Not so trendy here either so I don't know which styles are great for college/university students.

5. Lonsdale
These were the bags my sister first looked into until I diverted her attention towards Herschel. They're okay for high school. I remembered a couple of high school students I've encountered with these bags. It's a fairly popular brand and I've seen people with their backpacks and their duffles. As for college/university student, they could work if you don't require many materials for your classes but I know for sure I can't fit everything I need for uni in that backpack. Also, I don't know if carrying a laptop in this bag is a good idea either.

6. Fjällräven
This Swedish brand is perhaps the least accessible out of the ones in this list so far. These are not sold in any stores in Australia (the ones I think that might sell these don't) and the only way to get your hands on them is to either go overseas and get them yourself or buy online through ASOS and various websites that ship internationally. Their Kanken bag is gaining popularity but they're not as prominent as the Herschel bags. I'm particularly fond of this bag.


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